Pet Memorials

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Scylla lived a long and happy life (14.5 years). I raised her for LDB (Leader Dogs for the Blind) for her first year of life. After that first year, LDB took her back and started her in training to be a guide dog. For her, at that young age, she was too distractible to continue in the rigorous training. So I was given the opportunity to keep her as my own. Well, of course I did just that! She matured and became the best and smartest and most loyal companion. She had an all the love she could handle from my kids, husband and me! 

Stolz Family


Our fluffy cat, Alba, was a very special part of our lives for 9 years. She loved napping in precarious positions and places, chasing toys, and snuggling with her people. 

Dr. Cate made sure that her last years were as comfortable as possible as she struggled with her illness, and we are forever grateful for her kind and compassionate care. We will always miss our Alba's extraordinarily loud purrs, daily naps in our laps, and the way she brightened our days.

— Haven/LaLonde Family


We would like to thank you, Dr. Cate, for your kind service to us that Sunday in early January when we decided it was time to let Shane go. It's very hard to have had such a great, loveable pet for 13 years and say goodbye. 

We rescued Shane 13 years ago in January of 2011. He was about a year and a half old, they thought. They told us, "if you want an active hyper dog, this is NOT the dog for you. He's very calm and quiet and likes to be petted!" Well, he sure was calm and quiet, and 3 years later he finally got his confidence to bark again. But in all these years, he was just the best family dog anyone could ask for. He was always eager to please us, walked with me many miles each week for 12 over years, hunted on our 4 acres for mice and squirrels, and just kept us company all the time. He followed my husband from room to room – we thought we should have named him Shadow! He was so easy to love. We kept him as long as we could, but at 14 his body was tired and sore, but he never lost  his spirit. 

Shane, we miss you and love you always!

— Betley Family


Louie was with us for over 14 years. My buddy loved the water more than anything. He would swim in circles for hours in our little lake and even learned to fly. It didn't matter what temperature the water was if it wasn't frozen, he was in the water. He was always there to greet us when we came home from work and welcomed us with a warm tail wag and a dance that indicated it was time for dinner. On the weekends, this dog could tell time. No really, at 5:00 PM sharp, he would get up and do his dinner dance. He was incredibly intelligent, stubborn, and delightful. Everyone loved Louie. In the evenings, we would gather together to watch a movie and have some popcorn. That was Louie's second favorite thing to do; food was high on his priority list. Movie night will never be the same. 

When it was time to say good by to our best friend, Dr. Cate was kind, compassionate, and wonderful at an incredibly difficult time. To be able to say goodbye to Louie while he was at home on his favorite pillow was priceless. With Dr. Cate's gentle touch, he enjoyed his final treats and left us with dignity and grace. 

Forever in our hearts, RIP Louie. 

— Rice Family


Henry was our best bud. He was the most loyal and loving dog you could ever ask for. He loved the outdoors. He was always ready to play fetch, and would somehow manage to find a stick (or giant tree limb!) to drop at your feet anywhere he went. He looked forward to his walks in the field every day, and demanded to play fetch the entire way. He loved camping, and helping to eat any snacks out at the campfire. His favorite was swimming, and he could not wait to get into the lake. Every year on his birthday, he would get to eat a big steak dinner. Every year, I also made a Henry wall calendar with his pictures, to show off his great beauty.

The last couple of years, his mobility was gradually becoming a bigger and bigger issue. He was just one month shy of 14, when his limited mobility was too much. His back legs especially just couldn’t take it anymore. It was so difficult to see him go through. Regardless of how much pain he must have been in, he was always the most happy and loving pup. We were all heartbroken to have to say goodbye, and we miss him dearly. I’m so grateful for Dr. Cate, for allowing Henry to be in his own home for his final moments. He truly hated going to the vet’s office, and this was so much more comfortable for him. Dr. Cate was extremely kind and gentle with Henry, and our entire family. Although this was the last thing I wanted to do, I wouldn’t have wanted it to end any other way. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Dr. Cate.

— Kehbein Family


We met Dr. Cate many years ago when she solved a mystery illness with our precious fur baby Marley. She continued to see Marley for many years. When Marley later developed cancer, Dr. Cate was there for us advising us, caring for us as a family, and caring for Marley. For two years, Marley and Dr. Cate fought the cancer. We are thankful for the extra years; we treasure those memories. 

In July, 2019, Marley's cancer had become aggressive, and it became evident that it was time for us to say goodbye. Dr. Cate was once again helping us through a difficult time. She saw our struggle, knew how much we loved our baby girl. She offered to come to our home to help transition Marley in her own comfortable surroundings. We took Marley home that day, gathered our family together and explained what we had to do. The following afternoon, Dr. Cate came to our home. It was one of the saddest but impactful days of our lives. Because of Dr. Cate's compassion for our fur baby as well as for us, we were able to tell our precious Marley goodbye in the comfort of our home with our family .

We are so thankful Dr. Cate is able to follow her passion and I strongly recommend her! She’s full of love and compassion. She made a difficult day easier for us. We didn’t have to suffer one of our greatest losses in a cold sterile room with no family around, and we didn’t have to walk into an awkward waiting room full of other fur babies and their owners staring at us.

Thank you Dr. Cate, we are forever grateful for you!

— Nix Family


“This is what love does.”

I hesitate to start with that phrase. Some might not agree that what we did was loving. Others may think that we waited too long. All I know is that sometimes life and love can be described as a shade of murky gray rather than a shade of crisp black or white.

Lucy. Before her, I’ve never had a deep connection with another living being other than a human. The depth of love and connection with this sweet girl took me by surprise. She loved the way we all long to be loved: an unadulterated, straight-up, profound love that you could count on. Period. She presented as forgiving when we got it wrong, welcomed everyone she met, and let others love her. Her philosophy of life seemed to be, “Dare to find joy.” Despite walking the same trail a dozen times, it was nose down, tail up, going at a healthy trot. She sought to be inspired and delighted.

At 14 years old she still had moments of prancing when she walked, expressions of joy when she saw her manpack, and even found ways to jump on our lap for a good scratch. What sat next to pockets of joy were hours of discomfort and difficulties due to health conditions that the best medical treatment couldn’t fully tackle to the ground. Over time it was apparent that life was more about enduring it than enjoying it.

As her body started to fail, her spirit didn’t. She trusted us and others who provided her care and medical procedures despite the discomfort. Even when everyday life slid toward complicated and tiring, she persisted to lean in. She didn’t bat an eye when her prance turned to that of a stumbling toddler, when getting off the floor became an arduous push-up, and when digestive issues resulted in pain and distress. But we winced every time and love couldn’t ignore it.

In the presence of tremendous grief at the thought of letting her go, we knew it was what our version of love would do. After multiple conversations, reading, and processing our next steps, our hearts united and we mapped out Lucy’s next adventure. Taking the cues from others who’ve walked this road, we decided on a time of remembering and celebrating over a couple days where we would do her favorite things; short walks, car rides, a visit with the horses, and a trip to say goodbye to Grandma.

On Saturday morning, April 15th after a final jaunt around her ranch and down her road, we feed Lucy her favorite meal of tuna that a health condition had stolen from her. We welcomed a lovely human into our home (Dr. Cate of Peaceful Promise Veterinary Hospice) who fed her homemade chicken meatballs and Hershey’s kisses (toxic to dogs but in the final moments a balm for both human and doggie souls). Her delight brought us delight. We held her, showered her with kisses, and talked sweet nothings in her ear until she was released from her suffering and into her next adventure.

The absolute difficulty of that decision still lingers. In the darkest moments, we find comfort in remembering this was our final act of love for a dog that loved us so well. “This is what love does.”

We’re still grieving but the grief is now accompanied by utmost gratitude for having Lucy as part of our life. While I can’t fully explain it, her spirit is somehow present. Thank you for loving us well sweet girl. We love you!

Lucy Jo 2009 - 2023

— Field Family


My name is Sadie but my mom calls me "Sadie Jane." I was born April/May 2013 and lived 9 wonderful years on this earth with my best friend, my mom. She rescued me from a basement and took the best care of me. We did everything together; I even kept her company through college twice. We stayed home many nights studying and eating snacks. I loved sticks, swimming, toys, movie nights, and I drove my mom crazy when I knew we were going for a walk. I hated black olives and pickles, but loved everything else basically. I loved my grandma and great grandma. They were so nice to me too. 

I'm now in doggie heaven, pain free and have many friends and toys to play with. I'm okay, so I want my mom to be okay too. 

McKenzie Family


I rescued Zoe from a shelter on 12/24/2002. Her cage was marked "E" for euthanasia, as were dozens of cages at the Bay City pound. I already had a couple dozen rescued pets in my Sand Point home. I knew my employees wouldn't be happy adding more, but she touched me.

I didn't have pets growing up. After a near-fatal motor vehicle accident in 1998, I went into a deep, dark place, and my husband knew rescuing dogs and cats were what I needed. Zoe was the healthiest rescue, even chasing away an aggressive black mama bear in New Hampshire just last year. She was a sweetheart, but was mostly feral. I just gave her space, and she soon realized she was loved and safe.

Zoe means "life," but she was the one who gave me life. At almost 20 years old, she was beautiful, strong, loving, and always welcomed the other cats we rescued. I keep the ashes and collars of our rescues so that some day my ashes and theirs will be buried in our villa on the island of Rhodes, overlooking the Aegean. I asked for blue and purple roses to grow with all our ashes.

— Guilfoyle Family


We thank Dr. Cate for her kindness and compassion in our very difficult time. She made sure that our beloved Zoey had a peaceful and calming environment during her final moments, while allowing us time to process and grieve. Dr. Cate has a gift for explaining the very difficult and emotional facts in a manner which is both thorough and thoughtful. Our family was very comforted by how peaceful and serene Zoey's passing was. Dr. Cate went above and beyond for Zoey, and for us, and we will be forever grateful to her.

Soubliere Family


My wonderful daughter, with her gentle, compassionate spirit made the difficult goodbye to my beloved fur baby, Kileah Mae, a peaceful event filled with much love and gratitude for her care.  My girl was my shadow and faithful friend of so many years, and I miss her every day. 

While this was a very sad day, I feel truly blessed to have had my incredibly special and gifted daughter by my side.  I could not have done this any other way. 

Julia W.


Our Harley (AKA Bubbas) was a great companion and friend to both of us for 14+ years. No matter where we were or what we were doing, he was right there by our side. He was well loved by everyone. We have many happy memories with Harley and he will always be in our minds, even though he is no longer here. He was the most spoiled dog ever. He had his favorite things on his last day with us. A huge porterhouse steak and his ice cream from the Dairy Queen he got for his birthday every year. 

 I knew deep down his time had come to ease his suffering and I just couldn’t do it. My daughter said to me, “Mom, he’s tired and it’s not right that you are making him do this, he’s just hanging on cause he knows what it’s going to do to you.” I didn’t want him to panic or feel scared during his last minutes on earth, so we decided to make him more comfortable, we would have someone come to our home to make his transition to doggie heaven. 

 We lucked out when Dr. Cate came to our home. She gave us the comfort and kindness that we will never forget. She explained to us what she was going to do and told us to take out time in saying our goodbyes. As we sat there with him and loved on him one last time, he peacefully fell asleep. I did get a clay paw print of my baby that I will have forever and for that, I am eternally grateful. So he’ll always be close to us in spirit. He is now buried on our property with his dog dish, his favorite toy, and his huge bone he loved so much. Now he’ll always have his favorite things with him in heaven. 

We love and miss you Bubbas.

Love Mom and Dad.

Harrison/Wyzlic Family


We so appreciate the kindness and loving care that was given by Peaceful Promise and Dr. Cate to us and our much loved Schnoodle dog, Kasha. All of our pets, who have been so dear to all of us, are special and unique in their own ways and I share the sadness with all of you who have had to go through this very hard time. 

While we have many happy memories of our Kasha, there is one memory of him I would love to share. A number of years ago, some friends of ours were no longer able to keep their dog. Her name was Magali and she was a beautiful Lhasa Apso. She was already 10 years old when we got her and Kasha was years younger. The two of them bonded and became great friends. They ran together, slept together, ate together and looked out the window together. But there was one thing that Kasha would never let her touch. It was a raggedy old stuffed animal kitten. Magali soon learned that when I let Kasha outside, she could run and get the coveted stuffed kitten and then she would proudly stand and wait with it in her mouth for him to get back in and see her with it. It turned into a game for her to annoy him. But he loved her anyway. About 3 years after we got Magali, she passed away. Kasha mourned her absence and was very lost without her. He missed his friend greatly and did something that showed how much he cared for her. The sweetest and saddest thing I ever saw this puppy do was when it was time to feed him. For about a week after she was gone, each day he would take his food from his bowl and lay it on the floor where her bowl used to be and whimper. That was so heartbreaking to watch. 

I am hoping that Kasha has found his friend Magali and they are together now, chasing around with a chewed up stuffed animal kitten.

— Koudelka Family


This sweet boy, a red cock-a-poo was born on February 29, 2008 (Leap Year Day). He was such an important part of our family of six. He loved playing catch, being chased as he stole an occasional sock, and laying on a pile of freshly washed blankets or towels. He will be greatly missed.

Charlie, at 13½ years old, began to struggle with congestive heart failure. Realizing that he was beginning to suffer, we came across Peaceful Promise which was recommended by friends. Once the call was made to Dr. Cate, we were reassured by her compassion and understanding of when a family must say good-bye to their pet.

The most important part of this process was being in the comfort of our home, where Charlie was completely at ease. On October 31, 2021, Dr. Cate was greeted with a wagging tail and a few kisses, while she talked with Charlie and gave him lots of yummy treats. She walked us through the steps, always making sure we were comfortable moving forward at each one. In the final moments we knew Charlie was not anxious, looking into our eyes and was 100% at peace. We were extremely sad, but very relieved and comforted knowing this was the best process for all of us. Dr. Cate’s empathy and caring demeanor will never be forgotten.

Kauffman Family


This is our very much beloved 16 ½ year old Abby. She was a purebred Rat Terrier born May 14, 2005. We were blessed by becoming her parents on July 23, 2005 and enjoyed every single day we had with her. She was her mom’s shadow, following her wherever she went. Abby loved her tennis balls, whether chasing after them and returning them for another run, or using one to dribble between her paws like a soccer ball. 

Unfortunately, in February 2021, Abby was diagnosed with mast cell cancer. She survived surgery in August, but it came back soon after in her abdomen. Knowing we had to do right by this beautiful baby, we were referred to Peaceful Promise by our vet. 

We absolutely dreaded the day, but it couldn’t have gone any smoother. On October 29, 2021, Dr. Cate came over. She was so extremely caring and let us do everything on our own time. There was no rush on her part. She explained what to expect and that gave the three of us much comfort. Abby left us peacefully and is now buried with over 100 tennis balls, where she will never run out of play time with them.

Thank you Dr. Cate for being such a caring person during this extremely difficult time. 

Swain Family


Three years ago, I took this girl into our home and into our hearts. Rescue dogs come with no age, maybe 12 or 13 years old. Patchy has been of our best dogs, but yesterday she was tired, too tired to move, too tired to eat. We had to make a difficult decision. Patchy run free, sweet baby. No pain, sweetheart. You will be missed and always loved by us. 

Thank you, Dr. Cate, for coming to help her over the Rainbow Bridge.

Zeleji Family


We met our Korey while just strolling through a pet store with our adult son and his wife, never planning to adopt. But low and behold, he caught my eye, and the rest is history. Honestly, I was going to just leave and not look back when my son said, “Mom, does that puppy make you happy?” Of course the answer was yes… which was the beginning of 12 of the best years! 

I miss him like crazy every single day, but was the luckiest ever to have the funniest, smartest, and cutest boy ever! 

Forever in my heart!

Morales Family


Our kitty Rafiki, or just "Fiki" as he was known around the house, was such a huge part of our lives. His huge personality and odd sense of humor never left us with a dull moment. From his younger days of counter-surfing and stealing leftovers, to his golden years of napping in the sun (and only occasionally terrorizing our other cat), Fiki was never anything except one of the family. 

Dr. Cate helped us ease his passing when we knew the time had come after a long but well-fought battle with cancer. He was able to stay home, just as he always wanted, and eat his very own bowl of ice cream before we said goodbye. His little paw prints are always on our heart, even if they no longer cover our countertops. 

Thank you Dr. Cate, we will always be grateful for your help during a time that is never easy.

— Walling/O'Connor Family


We said goodbye to our Cooper at the age of 13. He was a rescue that we adopted when he was about three months old. He came into our lives just as our kids were growing up and moving on with their own. He loved going for walks and summers at the cottage going for boat rides. He was a gentle giant with an old soul. He loved everyone and everyone loved him in return. 

Cooper lived a long time for a big dog, but not nearly long enough for us. He had cancer and was so stoic and strong. But as our daughter so poignantly said, he had been hanging on for us and it was time for us to let him go. 

Dr. Cate not only helped him pass peacefully and in the comfort of his own home, but she helped us with her kindness and empathy.

Cooper - The Best Dog Ever.

Kirtley Family


Kaya (kai-uh): Native American and Hopi origin; meaning "my eldest sister." It refers to someone wise beyond their years, and that she was. 

Kaya was 14 years young and was more than just a dog; she was our family. Kaya was loyal, bright, and energetic. Her personality, unconditional love, and energy could be felt wherever she went. Family and friends could not get enough of Kaya's kisses, and she always had plenty to give. Although she has left us in body, we know that she will continue to be with us in spirit. Kaya, thank you for bringing so much joy, love, and compassion into our lives.

When the time came to say our deepest goodbye, Dr. Cate was able to bring compassion and comfort to Kaya, as well as to our family. Dr. Cate’s words were as warm and caring as Kaya was, which brought a sense of peace for us all. 

We love and miss you dearly!

Gierucki Family


Our Precious Baby was not just a pet to us, she was our everything, our shadow, our little rock and little world. She loved to sleep on our chests to be close to our hearts, and she loved to snuggle in our arms on good and bad days. She was 19 years old, and I first got her when she was only 6 weeks old in February 2002.

She was never happier than when she was with us, and us with her. She could turn the worst day into nothing with a soft purr and slowly blinking eyes. She would settle on us and say, "it will be ok, I'm here." When we were distraught, upset, angry, depressed, she was there for us. As long as we remember her, she always will be. Rest well, Baby. January 2002 - May 2021.

Dr. Cate helped us in doing the least we could to repay the years of comfort she brought to us. It's not easy, by any stretch. But she helped with kind words and a steady demeanor. 

— Sioma Family


Jake was our friend, our companion, our shadow who answered to “Jake," “Pooh,” “Pooh Bear," “Jakey," Jakers," and many other pet names. After 14 wonderful years together, our boy, Jake, was simply worn out. We called Dr. Cate, and her compassionate and caring demeanor made the saddest of situations a little easier. Thank you for your kind words and for taking such good care of our boy Jake.

— Kowalski Family


We had our Casey for 11 years. He was the best loving dog. He was a rescue and he was able to have a wonderful life and a loving home. 

Thank you Dr. Cate for all your help and support in our home during this difficult time for our family.

Morris Family


Murphy was a very special boy, and he was no ordinary dog. He was my whole heart. Murph was a chihuahua with a lot of spunk and sass. Anyone who knows the breed knows that a lot of them are known to have love for only one person. When you are that person, you feel pretty special. I was as special to him as he was to me.

Dr. Cate went above and beyond for Murphy in his last days. I could not have asked for anyone better to help us through that. Her compassion, kindheartedness, and generosity will never go unnoticed. I am forever grateful for everything Dr. Cate did for Murphy.

There isn’t one day that goes by where I don’t think of Murphy, and there never will be. I will carry him in my heart forever.

— Wencel Family


We were fortunate to spend many loving and wonderful years with our German Shepherd, Joe. He was a great companion and loved by all that he met. When the days started becoming harder and harder for him, we knew the time had come. This was undoubtedly one of the hardest decisions that we’d ever had to make. The decision that was easy to make was to ask Dr. Cate to be with us on that day. She treated us with the utmost compassion, patience, and kindness. She was mindful of our religious practices and helped us place ceremonial pieces on our beloved boy. The pain of losing a pet subsides, but never truly goes away. 

We are so thankful that we had Dr. Cate with us that day. We felt her love of animals big and small and know that because of her, we were able to find some peace within her compassion.

— Rathod Family


Koda was not just my dog, she was my best friend for 14 years. She went everywhere with me and was always there to comfort me during the struggles of life. As she aged, Dr. Cate was there for us every step of the way to offer treatment and pain management options for my beloved Koda. When the time came to relieve Koda of her suffering in this world, it was Dr. Cate we called. I could not imagine a better person to help me and my animals through the worst day of an animal owner’s life. Dr. Cate is compassionate, caring and makes you feel as if your best friend is coming over to hold your hand and help you through such a difficult time.

— Myers Family