Brynn Robinson Memorial Fund

Every pet deserves gentle and compassionate end-of-life care in exchange for the years of unconditional love they give us. 

The Brynn Robinson Memorial Fund was created by Peaceful Promise Veterinary Hospice in 2022 to help provide financial assistance for end-of-life services for local families in need. Every dollar of your generous donation goes directly to families with financial constraints, supporting their beloved pets in receiving a peaceful end-of-life transition in the comfort of their homes. 

Providing assistance to another family is a beautiful way to honor your pet while helping other pets in your community. 

All donations are made secure through Paypal's Donation Platform.

A Message from the Robinsons

I have been working with Dr. Cate to create this fund to honor the most amazing dog, Brynn. We were lucky enough to have our pup for 14 years. I wanted to honor Brynn's memory somehow because she gave me so much more than she received. Don't get me wrong, Brynn got pretty much everything she wanted and more, but it was nothing compared to what she gave me and our family. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how much until she was gone.

Brynn was just always there, my shadow and constant companion. She didn't need to be doing anything, but I always knew she was there. Just her presence gave me calm and peace. She was a great listener, but wasn't into snuggles. In fact, she really hated snuggles and whenever I went in for them, I would get "the look," but she let me do it anyway, because she knew I needed them. Whenever I was upset, she came to me to make sure I was okay and to let me know she was there for me. That was just the type of pup she was. 

While she was so much to me, she was just as much to our daughter, Bree. Brynn was Bree's best friend. Bree is an only child, so Brynn was her sibling. They loved each other immensely. Brynn was the protector of Bree and was since we brought her home from the hospital. When Bree would cry as a baby, Brynn was the first one to check to make sure she was okay. Even as Bree had gotten older, Brynn was always there for Bree to talk to even when she didn't want to talk to us. Seriously, Brynn was the perfect therapy dog. We always joked we should take her into Bree's school to be their therapy dog. She just had that personality about her.

Brynn also made us laugh. There is nothing she loved more than gummy bears and wrapping paper! Yes, I said gummy bears. She loved them. One of our families favorite treats and she loved them. We used to keep them in a drawer. She could be anywhere in the house, but if she heard the drawer open, she would be there in seconds! We aren't sure how she tasted them as they were gone in one gulp, but she loved them. Another thing she loved was wrapping paper. At birthdays and Christmas, she always helped us unwrap our presents. She would take a small piece of the paper and just rip it off, then continue ripping the paper. It just isn't the same without her help unwrapping presents now.

The time to say goodbye to Brynn came quickly. She was hurting, and all of a sudden she lost the use of her hind legs. The vet said there wasn't much we could do, so I decided it was time. As much as I wanted to keep Brynn around, her quality of life wasn't there anymore. I called a couple of places but it just didn't feel right. I reached out to Dr. Cate at Peaceful Promise and talked with her and I instantly knew she was the right person. Dr. Cate was amazing to us and to Brynn. I was an absolute mess and Dr. Cate reassured me that I was doing the right thing by Brynn and she made it the best I could have hoped for. Brynn enjoyed her favorites (gummy bears, veggies, and peanut butter) as Dr. Cate was talking with us and giving us the time to say goodbye. Brynn passed away so peacefully on her bed with the sun shining on her from the window. It was the most peaceful ending I could have hoped for the dog who gave us everything. It was the least we could do for her.

Brynn was loved and is missed terribly. I know she is with us everyday and watching over us. I still feel her presence and there are still times, when working from home, that I look over to where she would be lying on her bed while I work. The only good thing about the pandemic has been that I was able to spend so much more time with Brynn and for that I will be forever thankful. 

Dr. Cate truly has found her calling and I can't thank her enough. Her grace and calm ensured we were doing right by Brynn. It felt right, having Brynn at home rather than taking her to a clinic. Brynn was calm and happy, rather than anxious at a clinic. Part of why we are starting this fund is for families to experience the gift of Dr. Cate and to be as comfortable as possible on one of the worst days. Most importantly, it is to have your pet feel loved and calm in their last moments. 

If you can, we hope you can contribute to this fund to help other families who might not be able to afford this service, to give them this peaceful experience rather than heading into a clinic.

Thank you.